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To those who hacked our Facebook and Twitter accounts through an account set up by the Chairman’s late sister. An account that we thought was obsolete and dormant.

They linked their own political diatribe with offensive tweets to satisfy and externalise their own frustration and inner anger.
These groups have used the charity as an albino alligator (deliberate sacrifice for deliberate gain) and have sullied our reputation and ruined our future prospects in helping these orphans and vulnerable children of every race, colour, religion and creed.

Our Malawi in-country government approved and certified Child Development Programme was originally set up by a Scottish Missionary and was to help children thrive and survive with its Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and Social modules as part of the Millennium Development Goals and was conducted through workshops with the help and cooperation of qualified indigenous staff.

The beneficiaries were all the personnel involved in childcare. The non-direct beneficiaries were the children and the CBCC’s Community Based Childcare Centres set up in villages for orphans and vulnerable children run by the community committees.
The Dignity Project would have liked to introduce this programme to South Sudan but that is now impossible.

The Dignity Project had no control over the rogue Twitter account linked with the Chairman’s personal Facebook which has also caused him distress and heartache. Sad times when people don’t think or care about the consequences of their actions.
Furthermore The Dignity Project respects children’s authors and some have even signed books for auction for the charity, to encourage children to read as part of our child development ethos.

Regrettably all our social media accounts have now been closed for the time being.

The Dignity Project

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